Spritz these hot spots from head to toe. By Jessica Cruel, SELF 2. On the Top of Your Ears Photo: Jeremy Nelson 1. In Your
Berns and his team started their dog studies a few years ago to learn more about what dogs are thinking and experiencing
I think hidden within the soul of this cultural blogger, inside the heart of a devoted cinema writer, there has been a fragrance lover hiding all along.
Yesterday, I dropped off my 7-year-old at school. I held her hand as we wound around the school looking for her classroom and trying to make it before the bell signaled our tardiness. I tried to pass the one-year-old off to my husband so I could just focus on my daughter.
Day four: You know how they say if you skip bathing long enough, you'll stop smelling yourself (do people say that, or did
So how can specific scents make you recall a memory so intensely?
Didn't spring for a live tree this year? Never fear. There are still a few tried-and-true tricks that will make your whole house smell like holiday happiness. Pick your favorite and get its magic working before your friends and family arrive.
Man up, go organic. Organic dudes to the rescue: Challenge your bud to go organic for a month. My first impulse was to shorten
By combining The Pause (Tip #2) with a bit of I am My Own Funny Valentine (Tip #3), Frank establishes he's here for us, Joe
You shouldn't settle for anything less than what genuinely thrills you, and that includes fragrance. Whether it's personal or atmospheric, scents carry energy that can impact you powerfully.
The backdrop to the aromatic adventure is what Mandy calls the five "landmark scents" from around the world: cinnamon, mint, frankincense, ambergris and jasmine.
I recognize the need for perfume, after all there's something uplifting about smelling musky, or floral, or fruity, or spicy
Although my nest is now empty, I've found I can reminisce about my kids' childhood this Mother's Day by spritzing these scents from Demeter Fragrance Library, which are the next best thing to going back in time. In some ways, they may actually be better.
Those scent memories never left him, as evident in Corazon Blanco, a seductive and buttery white floral with base notes of
I am a perfume fanatic, and if you were privy to my sacred stash, on neatly displayed glass shelves you would discover an
From fruity to minty to popcorn-y, all smells can be classified as one of 10 types of aroma, scientists say. Using statistics
M.J. Rose is the international best-selling author of 13 novels and three non-fiction books. Her most recent novel, Seduction, has received rave reviews from USA Today, Publisher's Weekly and many others.
It comes as no surprise to me that the Sword-billed Hummingbird, with its immensely elongated bill, has co-evolved with certain passion flowers, such as P. mixta; nor that Yellow Passion Flower pollen is apparently the only pollen eaten by the unusual bee Anthemurgus passiflorae.