State Attorney General Steve Marshall argues he can prosecute anyone in Alabama who helps provide out-of-state abortion aid.
President Joe Biden said the decision “could invite more discrimination against LGBTQI+ Americans.”
The conservative court’s decision creates a troubling precedent that opens the door for more discrimination.
The high court has now blocked colleges' use of affirmative action, but this may just be the beginning.
“Justice Thomas, if you want to make the rules, you don’t get to break them," states the ad from Alliance for Justice and Alliance for Justice Action Campaign.
Jurors in John Montenegro Cruz's case were wrongly told the only way to ensure he’d never be freed was to sentence him to death.
The Supreme Court’s so-called Bruen decision changed the test that lower courts had long used for evaluating challenges to firearm restrictions.
Eight months, 126 formal interviews and a 23-page report later, the Supreme Court has failed to discover who leaked a draft of the court’s opinion overturning abortion rights.
“If you rewrite history, it’s easy to do.” Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan knocked down a legal theory on elections.
The Supreme Court’s conservative justices are ready to end affirmative action.