Sen. Mitch McConnell

Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” mocked Republicans for refusing to call Joe Biden the “president-elect.”
Originating from Kentucky, the rare breed, named the McConnell Turtle by scientists, is on a rampage. Over the past several years, this ancient reptile has caused immense trouble to Washington, D.C. that has large-scale effects on the country as a whole.
In a TMFS sketch, the spokesperson for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell discusses the Republican's ultimate plan to replace Justice Antonin Scalia.
It's a little known fact, but there are legal arguments against President Obama being able to make his Supreme Court pick.
Paul Ryan is living large. John Boehner is ready to double-dip from the links. Too bad Uncle Sam is bust. Within days, our great nation will be unable to honor its Treasury bond obligations and without funds to issue payments for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans, national defense, federal courts, or any other federal programs.
John Boehner resigned as Speaker of the House and over the weekend a blood moon rode the night sky. In ancient times this was considered an unlucky omen, even a prediction of the end of days. Now it is known as a total lunar eclipse.
My quixotic attempt to challenge the re-election of "unopposed" Jeff Sessions in 2014 failed. I was not even allowed on the Alabama ballot. But now Sessions has some real competition -- from the Senate's far right caucus.