Many of my students understand the motivations of the early Jesuits better than Martin Scorsese and Jay Cocks do, or at least
"Silence is a friend that never betrays." - Confucius Little by little I have slowed down my 'wings' and channeled my energy
The "Girls" actor's latest movie, "Silence," is now in wide release.
His is probably not the first name to come to mine when you think of someone to direct a film about faith, but that may be
I am making The Irishman, Marty's next movie with Bob DeNiro, who is very passionate about it. He's pushing everyone. It's
Strength comes in all different forms, some people wear their strength like a badge of honour shouting to the world "YOU
Many times we take the Scripture apart, and I am all for study, but in lectio divina we allow God to take us apart through
That Trump endorsement thing is working out great!