Simon Says

The “Mrs. Robinson" singer plans "to leave with a big Thank You" to all his fans over the last 50 years.
Murray is Professor Williston, who's been dismissed from his position for reasons not fully explained and has been working
So, put your hands on your shoulders, cross your arms, touch your nose with your right index finger... I didn't say, Simon
If you can't remember which movie monster scaled the Empire State Building -- yes, that was King Kong, not Godzilla -- Eclectic
"Tag, you're it?" We'll just see who's "it" once I file this report for aggravated assault against you. Try convincing any jury it was all in fun when they hear you said that to me after the attack
The Children isn't the most violent film, nor the goriest or showiest. It haunts because it boils itself down to an unanswerable question: would you kill your own sick children to prevent them from killing you?