The condition can lead to inflammation and abnormal muscle function.
This style of work posture may be a luxury for many, but for me, I needed to create a lifestyle around it and mandate it as a solution of balance to my day of sitting in a car seat, an office chair, a coffee shop stool and my wheelchair.
As a form of nonverbal communication, your posture is a powerful statement. It not only influences how others see you, it
Sitting for an extended period of time can harm your body’s ability to perform basic functions. Physiatrist Dr. Alice Chen explains what it means to live a sedentary lifestyle.
No amount of physical exercise makes up for your desk chair.
Dr. Alice Chen, a physiatrist at the Hospital for Special Surgery, explains what happens to our bodies when we're sitting for more than 30 minutes.
In a third paper in the series looking at the progress and challenges in physical activity since the 2012 Olympics, Prof
A moderate amount of sitting, however, doesn't seem to have much of an effect.