sleep health benefits

Bury yourself in blankets: It's World Sleep Day!
When your body is at rest, your brain is hard at work.
Then, the researchers examined brain activity to determine how naps seemed to improve memory. The hippocampus -- a brain
However, when the men had napped twice after a night of limited sleep, the researchers found no change in norepinephrine
It bolsters your relationships. Considering that sleep deprivation contributes to crankiness and a crabby mood, it's no wonder
You've likely heard some of these core benefits before, but more recent studies have further explored the value of rest, providing some interesting insights.
Sleep prevents us from gorging on junk food and gaining weight. Lack of sleep makes it more difficult to lose weight or maintain
So What Can You Do? It's as good a time as ever to commit to more -- or simply better -- sleep. There are even things you
As a sleep specialist with an emphasis on treating insomnia, I'm constantly advising my patients to avoid naps since they