South Florida

Volunteers are helping older people clear the daunting hurdles of state-run registration systems that are poorly organized and rely heavily on technology.
The suspect has died, the FBI said in a statement about the early morning shootout.
Partiers “put their desire to have fun over the health of our residents and they smiled and they laughed" about it, said Rep. Omari Hardy.
The new and apparently more contagious virus strain, which was first seen in England, was detected in a man with no recent travel history.
Iguanas living in South Florida trees often become immobile in chilly weather, causing them to drop to the ground when the thermometer plummets.
The storm has left scores of people dead and over 100 others missing in Mexico and Central America after it made landfall as a category 4 hurricane.
The cat's owner has been charged with allowing full contact with an extremely dangerous animal.
Forecasts suggest the storm would reach hurricane strength early in the week before striking the northern Gulf Coast.
An employee told reporters that the reptile was given as a personal gift to the owner.
Palm Beach County, Florida, has had nearly 4,300 confirmed COVID-19 cases since early March and at least 263 deaths.