South Florida

U.S. authorities say the premier of the British Virgin Islands and the director of the territory’s ports have been arrested in South Florida.
The problem was the web address printed in a flier left out a hyphen, prompting drivers to visit the wrong website.
Some residents love the colorful birds while others complain of droppings, noise and the damage they cause by roosting on cars or houses.
Flyers in plastic sandwich bags with small pebbles were distributed to hundreds of homes in cities with large Jewish populations.
Kumang, a 44-year-old Bornean orangutan, died Thursday during recovery from anesthesia, according to a statement from the South Florida zoo.
After the remaining portion of the condo building was demolished, rescuers discovered four more victims. Another 117 people remain unaccounted for.
An impending hurricane threatens to disrupt the search-and-rescue operation that has now entered its second week.
The director of a men's chorus group clarified that a group member accidentally slammed into fellow chorists at the start of the parade.
A door camera captured the horrific accident in Pembroke Pines, Florida.
Volunteers are helping older people clear the daunting hurdles of state-run registration systems that are poorly organized and rely heavily on technology.