suicide bomb

New cell phone video has emerged showing the final moments of the Paris terror raid that killed the ringleader behind last week’s attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud.
"Do you know that there are schools that train children your age to be suicide bombers?"
The Taliban has claimed responsibility for a suicide bomb attack at Kabul's airport that killed 4 people.
As ABC is reporting, the clip begins with a shot of a black-clad boy exchanging hugs and apparent goodbyes with a group of
This is a country which cares passionately about the rights of all its citizens and enshrines those rights in law. It tries
The blast tore through a nearby market and toppled at least one building nearby. Rescue teams – some using construction cranes
The head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards today vowed to take revenge against Britain and the United States whom he claims
The 40-year-old from Devon, who asked not to be named, wrestled the bomber to the ground after spotting him reach for a detonator