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When a family moves for a new job or a parent relocates for some other reason, the emotional toll can be severe.
At age 17, Alex Noel was involved in a drowsy driving car accident that left him partially paralyzed for several months. He and his mom open up about the accident and discuss the ways in which young people are prone to exhaustion and drowsy driving accidents.
Executive Director of Start School Later Terra Ziporyn Snider explains the benefits of pushing back school start times.
You may not have permission to share their secrets. What you say can be misunderstood and quickly turn into a rumor. Gossiping
With so much research showing that teens need more sleep why aren't all school districts switching to later start times? Some say it costs too much, but does it really?
While we can barely remember what we ate last week -- let alone a decade ago -- let's hope our brown-bagged school meals came with a side of bran, broccoli, beans, or berries.
Doctors need to make it clear that HIV testing is a normal part of life.
Their brains responded more strongly than adults' to seeing people light up.
In this short interview, Victor Carrion, Ph.D., a childhood development and behavioral sciences expert, explains that it is not necessarily individual cases of stress that cause us harm, but rather the accumulation of various stressful experiences that are detrimental to our health and quality of life.
I'm a realistic person. I don't expect the whole world to make the same choice I made, because I know that there are a lot of dedicated meat eaters out there. My only condition is this: Know your facts about veganism before you jump to conclusions.
There are some problems in society that are irrefutable and also relatively easy to fix. We sometimes fool ourselves by saying
Weissman said the level of drug use among the teens in the study was typical of teens that age — about half had used drugs
9 questions your doctor might ask you — don’t get caught off guard at your next appointment “There’s obvious concern about
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