The top of the iconic Darwin’s arch in the Galapagos Islands crumbled into the Pacific Ocean from natural erosion.
The family told Brooke Windsor they will find a “special place” for the “beautiful photo” she took.
Millions of people visit Venice, Italy every year. Now, the city is planning on taxing tourists to pay for trash cleanup.
Venice, Italy is planning on charging tourists a tax to keep the city clean.
Two English-speaking tourists are being hunted by Italian police for skinny dipping in a war memorial fountain.
Image Source With the holiday frenzy about to begin, most people are afraid, or rather cautious of visiting the UK after
Tons of street vendors were spread over the area, with food carts, rolling boxes, some hot-dog carts like in New York. Some
After my trip to Prague, I didn't want to leave. I knew Switzerland was next and I was excited for that - but Prague has
Irrespective of whether you're taking a conventional picture at the Eiffel tower or doing acrobatics at Machu Picchu, these
What matters is that the individual himself accept the time and energy needed to metabolize and integrate the psychic change in order to continue with life in the present.