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Kirk Franklin's reflections on police violence were cut from Trinity Broadcasting Network's broadcast of his Dove Awards acceptance speech.
By Adelle M. Banks c. 2011 Religion News Service (RNS) Jack Van Impe, a popular End Times broadcaster, has ended his decades
One might wonder why so many people desperately sought entrance to a park whose central features are a re-enactment of Jesus
A report from Al Jazeera expertly covers a topic the US media has been reluctant to address: an aggressive effort to advance a heavily sectarian, supremacist form of Christianity in the United States military.
The last three episodes of the second season of Travel the Road were filmed in Afghanistan, with the aid and participation of the U.S. Army.
Today, legitimate reasons to justify the military's participation or assistance in entertainment productions range from making the military look cool to aid in recruitment and retention effort.
If McCain makes it a habit to repudiate bigoted, offensive or repressive comments coming from the Religious Right, then he'll