By Amanda Morin In a recent survey by the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD), nearly everyone asked had heard
Nevertheless, when an entrepreneur identifies an underserved or inefficiently utilized segment of a market, the question then becomes how can he break down the barriers of conventionality to recalibrate both the supply and demand side of the equation?
When you understand his mind, then quite naturally solutions will emerge. You don't really know the overarching problem yet. The grades are just the behavior that is sending a message. It is your job to decipher that message. That's using Parental Intelligence.
As we wrap up National Volunteer Week, it's compelling to consider why it is that the word "just" is so often attached to the word "volunteers."
They're angry that violence exists and that in this culture, it's acceptable to some degree. They understand that where you live can determine whether you have a better future than someone else."
The following tips will help parents minimize their involvement and allow teens to take the lead in maximizing their own educational experience.
When I meet a prospective tutor for the first time, I always ask myself, Would I want this person working with my son? If the answer is no, then he or she is not added to our roster. Trusting my mom gut is one of my greatest tools as a business owner.
At an age when they should be reading to learn, most economically-disadvantaged fourth graders are still learning to read.
You know the drill: Rural or Urban? Large or Small? Rah Rah or Nerdy? Come up with a dream college list and go on an eight-state bonding tour with your teen, who will rarely want to leave the car.
LISTEN: Whereas the U.S. Department of Education has an estimated 600,000 students across the country who are receiving free