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Watch the hare-raising moment Bunny and Clyde stuff their treat pails with dozens of ill-gotten candy bars.
The videographer, Ken Roberts, posted the incident to YouTube on Jan. 5 with the following description: So, now, not only
"There was just no way I could kill it for a one-time meal," Galante told ABC7. Biologist Forrest Galante, 26, caught the
The next time you make a pilgrimage to the Wine Country, swing by some of Sonoma's wackiest tasting rooms, where you don't have to be a master sommelier to have a good time.
"They acted like they were real," McLaughlin told ABC News. "They hold them and hug them and change their diapers. It’s very
"We want to make sure we can rule out any foul play and how the skull came to be in that ceramic pot," police spokeswoman
Following the expert's review, Schutzman withdrew the negligence lawsuit and filed the current case, alleging wrongful death
Authorities say the party promoted on social media in November brought more than 100 teens to the La Habra Heights mansion
"She was an ingenue," Perrine said. "She saw herself as a star. By all accounts, she had great personal magnetism. To her
According to the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office, deputies were dispatched to Evans' home after his female roommate called
Oakes was charged Tuesday with suspected embezzling, according to the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. The Bulletin reported
It's Tarantula Lovefest 2013. Male tarantulas mostly live underground in burrows, but during mating season, their lust brings
According to the report, a 17-year-old girl was waiting and officers promptly arrested her for prostitution. They then confiscated
Police had been working on the case since May and finally traced the suspects' locations using communications sent between
When Mark Joiner II made a similar remark on Facebook about his two-month-old puppy, Stella, he got death threats. Joiner
The victim became suspicious and reported the incident to the sheriff's department, Gawker reported. The department investigated
Adams -- who is married to 29-year-old singer-actress Mandy Moore -- sent out several tweets describing what he saw. He also
Police tracked down McElfresh, who they said, matched the couple's description of the man. He was charged with indecent exposure
Instead, the shirtless man fled to a nearby water body and swam nearly 2.5 miles away to Silver Strand Beach, NBC San Diego