Willow Creek Community Church

Several women accused Bill Hybels, former pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, of sexually inappropriate behavior.
Strobel, a former teaching pastor at Willow Creek Community Church, said he believes women's accusations against the Rev. Bill Hybels.
If the church is the body of Christ, then the mega-church is a body on steroids... For a church to become that abnormally large it has to make use of such artificial means that it actually ceases to be a healthy church model.
Sevugan declined to discuss the terms of his contract but offered that he still drives "the same shitty 12-year old Jeep
Her presence at the church is shocking, and far more inappropriate than Schultz’s, says Asher Huey, a gay rights advocate
Today is a red letter day at Soulforce. One of the organizations with whom we have worked has finally ended its formal relationship with the "gay conversion" ministry Exodus International.
"There are Christians who believe like one another who aren't willing to stand with one another, simply because they're afraid