People Are Sharing Jobs That Are Unnecessary And Overpaid
A mother, who owns a small business, got emotional while sharing the demands of child care during a congressional hearing.
"Discouraged" workers who've given up on looking for a job aren't counted in the official unemployment rate.
Many local and state governments want to expand their workforce by offering student loan help, lower rent or even free land to attract college graduates.
Low-income parents, in particular, are much more likely to be working or looking for work due to the free program, a new study finds.
The follow-up to the 1980 classic will reflect women’s issues in the modern workforce.
Weak wage growth belies the notion of a labor scarcity.
We're going to see a whole lot more of these "voluntary" agreements after last week's Supreme Court ruling.
But they might be overestimating what their legislation would do.
In a country with one of the lowest rates of female participation in the labor market, the digital economy is enabling some women to become breadwinners