working in retirement

Young adults are not leaving home these days, or they are boomeranging back, as many parents well know. Indeed, the successful launch of the young is occurring later and later.
Retirement as our parents experienced it is being retired... As tens of millions of us now ponder whether and how we might work as well as play in retirement -- for the money and/or the stimulation -- it can be helpful to follow the lead of the trailblazers who are already shaping this new retirement workscape.
Can you imagine telling Bruce Springsteen that since he's 64, it's time to stop playing music? Or forcing 65-year-old fashion powerhouse Anna Wintour to retire? Should Warren Buffet leave investing to younger folks, since, after all, he is 83?
How long do I intend to "work"? Hopefully, right up to my last day. And, as if I didn't have enough good reasons to work, Social Security offers me a significant incentive for doing so. The longer I work, the larger my Social Security benefits will be.
Like many of the studies based on Families and Work Institute's ongoing, nationally representative study, this report reveals important differences between assumption and reality.