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Alec Baldwin Gives His Trump Impression An Injection Of Lysol

The actor broke out his Trump impression to mock the US president's comments on injecting disinfectants.

Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression is getting a Lysol booster shot.

US President Donald Trump last week mulled the idea of injecting disinfectants to kill the coronavirus, which prompted Lysol manufacturer Reckitt Benckiser to issue a statement saying people should never do that. Trump later walked back those comments, claiming he was being sarcastic.

Then, on Friday, in an effort to clear things up, Baldwin broke out his Trump impression to shed more light on the president’s thoughts.

“I want to clear up something right now about what was said yesterday about disinfectants and using disinfectants to fight the coronavirus. I was, of course, being facetious,” the actor said as Trump. “It was sarcasm, but the fake news media didn’t pick up on that. I was joking. I wasn’t suggesting that you take Lysol and shoot it into your veins or squirt it on some washcloth and huff it yourself or that you snort it.”

Baldwin’s Trump then introduced “a bonafide rock solid solution.”

“I’m not being sarcastic. I’m not joking at all, and that is cheeseburgers,” the fake president said.

He explained that cheeseburgers “have always come to the rescue” and picked him up when he’s down. Apparently, they have medicinal properties as well.

“You take a cheeseburger and you dip it in butter, you soak it in butter, and you insert it in your rectum,” said the actor, adding that the cheeseburger would suck out all the poison and “kill the virus dead.”

Ahead of Trump’s disinfectant comments, Baldwin brought his impression back to “Saturday Night Live” in a phone call to mock the president’s confusing coronavirus response, saying, “Everyone needs to wash their hands — or not.”

At least now Baldwin’s mock Trump has the real solution: Just put a burger in your buns.

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