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Fashion Editor Anna Dello Russo Calls Native American Headdress An 'Ibiza Hat'

We thought the whole turning sacred objects into fashion accessories was a thing of a past but lo and behold, someone had to remind us that the awful trend is still going strong.

The latest act of cultural appropriation comes courtesy of fashion editor Anna Dello Russo, no stranger to controversy, who recently posted Instagram photos of herself wearing a Native American headdress. Can we all say a collective 'ugh!'?

"#getreadyfor #dc10 @balenciaga dress @celine shoes #ibiza hat," the Vogue Japan editor captioned the pic. Really, Anna? The fashion folks are now calling the headdress an "Ibiza hat"? Can we somehow blame Justin Bieber for this?

This isn't the first time Anna has been a part of some seriously offensive incidents. Last year, the street style star got a lot of backlash for attending a racist "Disco Africa" themed Halloween party and got flak for giving model Crystal Renn pulled back "Asian eyes" during a photo shoot.

Of course, Anna isn't the first person to culturally exploit a group of people. Model Karlie Kloss was sent down the Victoria's Secret runway in 2012 wearing a Native American headdress; Pharrell Williams sported one on the cover of Elle UK and even Chanel sent one down the runway last December, proving that the fashion elite either don't get that their actions are racist or they just don't care.

It isn't just celebrities who do this: headdresses are now part of the unofficial dress code at music festivals such as Coachella and Bonnaroo.

But not all is lost. The Bass Coast festival in B.C. recently banned headdresses from the festival out of respect for indigenous people.

We hope other festivals, and people in general take note.

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