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Justin Trudeau And Barack Obama Caught Up At Ottawa's Big Rig Brewery

It was reminiscent of their dinner date a couple years ago.

Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama’s friendship was the stuff of legends. And memes. And fanfiction.

So obviously when they met up at Ottawa’s Big Rig Brewery on Friday night, there were pictures.

“Always great to catch up, @BarackObama,” Trudeau captioned one social media photo.

The brewery also shared a couple photos on its Instagram page.

Adam Scotti, the prime minister’s official photographer, also shared some shots on his social media pages.

HuffPost Canada reached out to discover what the duo talked about, but a spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office said they had no comment beyond Trudeau’s tweet.

But we did find out what the two drank while they were there — for Trudeau, it was the brewery’s Alpha Bomb IPA, while Obama had the Canadian Amber (made with all-Canadian hops and malt).

“Yesterday was about friendship and respect — two friends catching up over a beer,” Sophie Prescott, event and social media manager at Big Rig Brewery told HuffPost Canada. “It was an incredible day, and we’re happy to provide them with a cool spot to just hang out and have a pint.”

The photos called back to another image two years ago when Trudeau and Obama had dinner at Montreal’s Liverpool House.

This time around, Obama was in Ottawa for a speaking engagement where he talked about his concern around “deepfake” videos on the internet and their ability to spread misinformation.

Trudeau’s meeting with the former president comes a day after he met with current U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence.

While President Donald Trump was in Canada for the G7 summit in Quebec in 2018, he has yet to make a state visit to the country.

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