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Six Year Marriage Proposal: Man Spells Out His Love Around The World

Imagine knowing from the early days of your relationship that your partner was 'the one.'

This was the case for a Canadian couple who dated for 6 years, and about a year into their relationship, started to symbolize their love with letters.

"[We] had the idea to document some highlights of our lives by taking pictures with letters," the man wrote on his YouTube page. "We wanted to prove that if one day we got married that ''w-e a-l-w-a-y-s k-n-e-w.'"

The video shows the couple, identified on Facebook as Dave and Tina, holding letters that spelled out the phrase at several locations around the world including Las Vegas, Paris and Rome.

In their final destination, as Tina holds the letter 'W,' Dave has two people hold up a sign that read, 'ILL YOU MARRY ME?' behind them as they pose for a photo.

When Tina sees the photo, she says yes and breaks out in tears.

The video has gone viral and solicited all kinds of responses.

"OMG how wonderful, makes me happy to realize that there are some romantic men in the boyfriend prefers to travel without me and when we do go away together he videos the scenery and himself and never me," one commenter named debslg1said.

Others were more critical: "What letters would you use when you'll divorce her?" commenter andrei3600 said.

What was your wedding proposal like? Let us know in the comments below.

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