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You're never too young to challenge white supremacy!
Andrew Scheer says he understands why some Canadians are “confused” by the PM’s actions.
The issue isn’t really about the prime minister. It is about the price we pay for speaking up about racism.
The government pledged $45 million to develop a national anti-racism strategy.
'Truth and reconciliation begins with truth telling'
What is shocking is how many white folks are trying to distance themselves from the problem instead of being part of the solution.
People talking about it is a good thing, they say.
Racism has been used for centuries to divide and conquer working people. Today, "systemic racism" is an institutionalized feature of society, throwing up barriers to racialized workers and families in every community. All of our institutions and cultural norms are touched by its impact.
In the year 2017, all of us need to reach out to our families and neighbours who feel uneasy about the changing world, and patiently challenge prejudice or intolerance whenever it appears. If the worst happens south of the border and the drums of war and belligerence beat more loudly, the future of the world will be at risk.
Identity politics, long well entrenched in the liberal arts circles of academia, have seemingly broken out of the confines of campus debates and critical theory textbooks, and emerged into the mainstream, suddenly becoming a heated theme in the media.
I do not want to rush to the defence of a person whose work I am familiar with and now finds himself facing an assault charge and three counts of mischief. I do not condone violence. However, the real noted Canadian activist and journalist, Andray Domise - my friend - is quite different than the one I see projected in the media.
Canada has lost one of its fiercest, most uncompromising, contentious and passionate pursuers of justice and equality, Mr. Charles Roach. On October 2, Roach passed away after a hard-fought battle with cancer. Of all his pursuits for a fairer and more just society, however, the most controversial of Roach's advocacy efforts was his push, since 1988, to get a Canadian court to recognize that it is a violation of individuals' constitutionally guaranteed freedom of conscience to require prospective Canadians to swear an oath of allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II.