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He learned from the late Rep. John Lewis in a 2018 episode.
The show, based on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, has perfectly presented values and advice.
The two CBC stars live a very different life now.
Children’s shows are meant to be fun, educational and entertaining, but some programs can be downright annoying! The video
Who could ever forget the “fresh adventures” of Flash Fluoride and Hot Rod Harry?
From crafts to singalongs, the Canadian icon not only entertained us, but shaped what we know and love today.
Her most notable covers include People Magazine, TV Guide, and Life. The prima-donna is also a New York Times’ bestselling
No matter how many times you've seen the show, we bet you never knew these 10 "Sailor Moon" facts!
Interestingly, the show never specified whether the puppet was a boy or a girl. 7) After the show ended, Coombs did a travelling
TV back then wasn't just about learning to count, the colours and the alphabet. It wasn't about adults in leotards clapping ridiculous patterns at children or household items that live under the sea. TV shows of the 80s taught us manners, etiquette and moral lessons. They taught us to read. A set of fraternal twins taught us to solve problems with science -- and it was cool.