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christine elliott

The property owner could be facing a maximum fine of $100,000.
“Negligent operators” should be held responsible, the union’s president said.
One family was asked for $5,000 up front despite Ontario’s coronavirus policy.
Just 26 MPPs attended the emergency session on COVID-19, instead of the usual 124.
The new program, called Mindability, is launching this spring.
There is no evaluation system for the vast new restructuring.
Health care is the single largest expense in Ontario’s budget.
The government says it will eliminate “duplicative” teams as it merges 20 agencies into one.
From a health care perspective, the Ontario premier has moved quickly and pretty fairly
Without paid sick days, sick people will go to work and infect others, Dr. Danyaal Raza said.
The death toll from the opioid crisis continues to rise, and we'll never turn the tide if we fail to learn the lessons of epidemics past.
Nearly 1,800 health-care workers urge PCs to scrap their plans.
The Ontario premier says it's not up to politicians to decide on the curriculum.
A fractured party means a fractured government in Ontario lacking the talent and focus required to deliver.
A Ford win in Ontario would bring right-wing extremists out of the shadows and into vying for the most powerful political offices in Canada.
Caroline Mulroney, Christine Elliott, Doug Ford, Tanya Granic Allen square off.
The position echoes the one taken by Christine Elliott.
The province desperately needs a leader who can deliver on a true conservative promise of reduced government waste, less taxes and a pro-business climate.