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Mass surveillance technology like Clearview's would not exist without demand from Canadian police.
B.C. residents have received threatening letters claiming their lives are in danger.
After spending a few days in the facility, she thanked the RCMP.
A spokesperson said the national police force collects disaggregated race-based data required under federal law.
The incident sparked outrage across the country in June.
But Commissioner Brenda Lucki said an immediate external review isn’t necessary.
The union is ordering patches for all its members to wear, against RCMP orders.
The peaceful demonstration was disrupted by people wearing far-right symbols such as the Soldiers of Odin.
The Civilian Review and Complaints Commission is now publicly releasing findings into questionable actions of RCMP officers.
Violating the Quarantine Act can lead to jail time and fines up to $750,000.
Police found alcohol bottles, human feces and a dead deer at the site.
Spoiler alert: the river was actually flowing back into the U.S.
Mental illness isn't a crime, but that's often how it's responded to in this country. HuffPost Canada investigates.
Racism flourishes in acceptance and apathy. In the RCMP, both were present.
The NDP leader was calling for a review of the RCMP’s budget.
The climate activist had met with the chief during her trip to Fort McMurray.
Friends and family identified the victim as Rodney Levi.
He’s talking to the RCMP and the premiers following numerous reports of police violence against Black Canadians and Indigenous people.
Wood Buffalo RCMP are seen holding down his wife in footage of the event.