Protestors at the Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore have a different strategy to oppose the new citizenship law. They will take turns to stand in groups of three to avoid section 144 curbs yet continue with their protest.
The BJP's youngest candidate won by almost 3 lakh votes against Congress’s BK Hariprasad.
The general secretary of the BJP's youth wing in Karnataka, Surya has said in the past that he has no problems in being called a bigot or 'communal'.
A city that once cleverly conserved water is now dealing with a burgeoning population and disappearing water bodies.
Tejasvi Surya was picked over late union minister Ananth Kumar’s wife, Tejaswini.
Set up in 2012 by Lakshmi and Subodh Sankar, it serves as a kind of cultural touchstone for Bangalore’s readers.
'Let me assure you, they are keen to somehow shut me up too.'
Where - Sadashiv Nagar & Indiranagar When - 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM, 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM Average cost for two - ₹1,000 What to
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That wonderful time of year when your electricity bills are higher than your monthly EMI…
Find everything from chole-poori to crepes.
The police shot at Shivaram Reddy after he attacked them with a knife.
Three manual scavengers died this week in Bangalore, but who cares?
Bangalore-based student Priyanka Shah’s striking photo series “Perspectives” has captured the internet’s attention since
The world's leading brand is betting long on India.