D'Souza, who says her hearing was impaired due to the violence, has filed an FIR against Mandhana.
Key witnesses have turned hostile, accused Dileep has got a gag order, and both the survivor and the Kerala government allege that the trial court itself is biased.
The founder of the movement to end sexual violence is making activism more accessible with her new platform, Me Too Act Too.
The employee has mentioned multiple incidents of harassment and assault in her FIR against Times Network MD Anand MK. Times Network has denied the allegations.
While Chadha said in a statement that she was 'falsely dragged' into the matter, Kashyap said the sexual assault allegations against him were 'malicious and dishonest'.
Carice van Houten, who played Melisandre, reveals that she became "very aware of the male gaze."
If misogynistic all-male spaces are boys’ inheritance, learning to grin and bear it is the legacy girls inherit.
The caricaturish characters in 'Guilty' (worsened by superlative bad acting) make a story about assault, also, caricaturish. And that felt pretty wrong.
The actress, however, feels people who didn’t question anything “uncomfortable” until now, have started to talk.
"Portrait of a Lady on Fire" actor Adèle Haenel yelled "Bravo, pedophilia!" at France’s César Awards after the disgraced director won a top prize.