Belinda Williams

Former Medical Student, Researcher, and Resilient Survivor

Belinda Williams is a 43-year-old survivor who has beaten the odds many times over, first overcoming terminal illness 17 years ago, and then making remarkable recovery following a bicycle accident that resulted in 9 spine fractures to the neck and upper back in a 30 foot fall on Mount Evans to granite boulders far below. Belinda's contributions include discussions on bicycling safety, Service dogs, their benefits, yet also the difficulties encountered with them, political activism, and finding creative solutions to difficult problems. Her passions include helping others through medicine and the study of biomedical research, and finding the means both inside and outside of the medical sciences to fathom the implications of cause and effect in medicine, and how the knwolede of those is of substantial aid in helping those afflicted with whatever she studies. Belinda is presently between jobs wile trying to gain a better handle on PTSD symptoms, but ultimately hopes to return to research with the service dog at her side. In this single scenario, Belinda has devised unique methods for addressing the most common difficulties experienced by service dog handlers. While Belinda no longer has the stamina necessary to complete her meical studies, She continues to pursue valid research hypotheses of her own devising with the possibility of using those studies as the basis for a PhD thesis. At present, Belinda maintains her her outward research goals and seeks to return to the field in an effort to claim some of that which was lost to her in her accident. She is accompanied by her service dog, a 3-year-old Shiloh Shepherd named Galen who provides the support she requires in order to be successful in life. Galen provides physical assistance in the form of bracing, momentum pulls, retrievals, and more. Belinda would like nothing better than to bring her hypotheses to fruition