Chris Romer

Candidate, Denver Mayor

A native of Denver, Chris Romer is a recognized expert in smart budgeting, job-creating investments and building strong schools. During his 25 years in business, four years in the Colorado state senate and lifelong dedication to education reform, Chris has proven himself an independent leader who brings people together to find smart solutions to tackle our toughest challenges.

Starting in high school as a maintenance assistant at Denver Brick and Pipe Company, Chris has believed that hard work builds communities. After graduating from East High School and earning a degree in economics from Stanford University, Chris returned to Colorado for his first job managing budgets for the construction of Denver International Airport. Chris went on to spend 23 years creating public-private partnerships with cities and states to protect taxpayer dollars while creating thousands of jobs building hospitals, schools and roads.

Chris has dedicated his life to making sure that every child in Denver gets a world-class education because he knows that the future of our city depends on it. At age 28, Chris founded the Colorado I Have a Dream Foundation, a long-term drop-out prevention program serving some of Denver’s most disadvantaged students. He went on to work with some of Colorado’s most successful public school ventures, including a stint as President of KIPP Schools, which serves low-income students, and as a board member of the nationally recognized Denver School of Science and Technology. As president of the Colorado Children’s Campaign, Chris helped craft Amendment 23 to ensure that Colorado students have the resources they need to succeed.

As a State Senator representing Denver, Chris established a record of strong, independent leadership, consistently choosing smart solutions for people over politics. He’s made tough decisions to cut government spending and balance the state’s budget. Chris stood up to powerful special interests for Coloradans in reforming predatory lending, creating 300 new Colorado jobs by opening the taxi industry to competition and closing tax loopholes for corporations.

Chris is committed to Denver, the city in which he has proudly built his life and raised his family. Chris is married to Laurie Romer, and they have three daughters, Rachel, 22, Paige, 20, and Grace, 12.

More recently, Chris served as superintendent for New America Schools, two high schools serving immigrants, and as President of the KIPP schools serving low-income students.

Chris graduated from East High School and with honors from Stanford University with a degree in Economics. Chris is married to Laurie Romer, and they have three daughters, Rachel age 21 (Stanford), Paige age 19 (Stanford), and Grace age 12 (sixth grade).