Dr Lauren Tober

Lauren is a Clinical Psychologist, Coach, Yoga Teacher and founder of Capturing Gratitude, a global photographic happiness.

Dr Lauren Tober is a Clinical Psychologist, Life Coach and Yoga Teacher based in Byron Bay, Australia. With a passion for health, healing, happiness and awakening Lauren integrates the best of western psychology with ancient yogic wisdom, both on and off the mat. Lauren is the founder of Capturing Gratitude, a worldwide photographic happiness project, A Daily Dose of Bliss, a highly acclaimed online yoga course for emotion regulation and bliss and Living Your Heartfelt Desires an online course to consciously create a life you love. Her work is soulful without being new-agey. It's evidence based, without being clinical. It's authentic, heartfelt and life changing. Lauren believes that happiness is our true nature, and that yoga, gratitude, self compassion, creativity and community help us to cultivate happiness in our lives on an everyday basis.