Henry Mintzberg

Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies, McGill University

I received my doctorate from the MIT Sloan School of Management in 1968 and returned to McGill University, where I hold the Cleghorn Professorship of Management Studies. I have published 180 articles and 19 books, including Managers not MBAs (2004}, Simply Managing (2013), Rebalancing Society (2015), and Managing the Myths of Health Care (2017).  In recent years, I have done more general writing, including a TWOG (tweet2blog: @mintzberg141 to, as “provocative fun in a page or 2 beyond pithy pronouncements in a line or 2.” I have worked for much of the past two decades developing new approaches to management education and development, to enable managers to learn from their own experience. (See and Otherwise, I continue to spend my public life dealing with organizations and my private life escaping from them—in a canoe, up mountains, atop skates, and on a bicycle.