James Boyce and Paul Abrams

Blogger, TV analyst and radio show host

<strong>James Boyce</strong> is a blogger, t.v. analyst and radio show host who is a passionate believer and supporter of the progressive community online. <br /> <br /> James is the founder of <a href="">NewsLadder</a>, a series of aggregator websites each dedicated to a progressive community. He also is the founder of Common Sense New Media Strategies, a Boston-based consulting group whose clients include <a href="">Veterans For America</a>, <a href="">The Justice Project</a>, <a href="">(RED)</a>, <a href="">California List</a>, <a href="">Climate Counts</a> and <a href="">Stonyfield</a>.<br /> <br /> James appears frequently on MSNBC as a Democratic Strategist and is a regular guest on FOX NEWS <a href="">"The Live Desk With Martha McCallum."</a><br /> <br /> He is a regular featured guest on <a href="">Mario Solich's Radio Show</a>, from Los Angeles, and <a href=">The Dave Ross Show, </a>Seattle. He has also appeared on Thom Hartmann's show, The David Ross Show and Colorado's Progressive Talk AM 760.<br /> <br /> A former advertising and marketing executive and winner of over 50 advertising awards for excellence, including one Clio, James was an unpaid Senior Advisor on John Kerry's 2004 Presidential Campaign. He has been a contributor to Huffington Post since its launch in May 2005.<br /> <br /> Re: 2008, while he still pines for Al Gore, James was a Senior New Media Consultant to Governor Bill Richardson's Presidential Campaign, primarily because of Governor Richardson's plan to end the debacle in Iraq.<br /> <br /> He can be reached at <br /> <br /> ---<br /> <br /> <strong>Paul Abrams</strong>, M.D., J.D., is an entrepreneur who is currently a consultant in biotechnology, and chairs a bioremediation company. He was formerly President, CEO and Director of one publicly- traded, and another privately-held, biotechnology company, inventor on 12 US patents, co-editor of two scientific books and has published more than 35 peer-reviewed articles. He has been contributor to several journals on issues facing the biotechnology industry and entrepreneurs, an invited speaker at trade and financial conferences, and has testified before Congress on these matters.<br /> <br /> He serves as a Board member of the Washington Progress Alliance, the Women's Bioethics Project, the Apollo Alliance (Washington State) and the Economic Opportunity Institute.<br /> <br /> He received doctorate degrees in medicine and in law, and a B.A.summa cum laude in Political Science & Economics, all from Yale University. He is a board-certified oncologist and was editor of the Yale Law Journal. A former intercollegiate swimmer, he enjoys scuba-diving, general exercise, film, theater and plays guitar but, for the benefit of mankind, sings only in the shower.