Jason Saltoun-Ebin

Editor of '; historian; attorney and Cold War junkie

Jason Saltoun-Ebin is an attorney/independent historian/real estate sales professional in Santa Barbara, CA. His research on the Reagan administration has resulted in the creation of, a freely accessible website used by scholars all over the world to study the Reagan administration. He has represented clients in their search for government records using the Freedom of Information Act and he now spends most of his time on the tennis court and selling real estate in beautiful Santa Barbara, Calif. (

His research has resulted in three substantial edited collections of documents from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. "The Reagan Files (Vol. 1)" is a collection dedicated to Reagan's top-secret efforts to win the Cold War. "The Reagan Files (Vol. 2): Inside the National Security Council" is an annotated collection of all the recently declassified National Security Council and National Security Planning Group meetings during the Reagan years. Most recently (2013), Saltoun-Ebin published "Dear Mr. President...Reagan/Gorbachev and the Correspondence that Ended the Cold War," an annotated and edited collection of over 40 letters between Reagan and Gorbachev.

He lives in Santa Barbara, Calif., and can be reached by email at