Lasya Karthik

Aspiring writer drawing inspiration from her much too large book collection, animals and (at times) mildly eventful daily life

Lasya likes to think she's one of those teenagers who has herself all figured out, but despite calling herself a writer, she struggles with writing these every single time. Her first work of published poetry was written before she was ten years old, and her love affair with book reviews began around the same time- she's now been contributing book reviews and creating content for the Guardian Children's books site for over five years now. She has also interned with a leading magazine, been a recipient of the Guardian Children's fiction prize, 2nd in the UK in the Learning for Life competition and has contributed pieces on request for major publishing houses. Additionally, she speaks five languages fluently and is a master in the art of ignoring her obligations and procrastination. She enjoys ballet, laughing at her own jokes and cat videos.

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