Margaret Marshall

Author: Healthy Living Means Living Healthy...Lose Weight, Feel Great

Margaret Marshall is The Healthy Living Expert. She is an articulate communicator who employs realistic strategies to maintain a healthy mindset and lifestyle that result in successful career paths for her audiences. Margaret enjoys almost three decades in the wellness/weight loss industry. She had a seventeen- year run as a speaker and trainer for Weight Watchers and now is a media personality and international speaker who presents wellness programs for corporations such as: Amtrak, The Mets Organization, Morgan Stanley, Pepsi, JDA, Amex, Metlife, Cannon USA, National Grid, Fort Hamilton USAG, Time Inc, Time Warner Music, Verizon, Hofstra University, The New York College for Health Professions, Molloy College, St. Francis Hospital, Winthrop Hospital, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Princess Cruises. Margaret is the creator of the “Five-Finger Food Guide”. Her first book Body, Mind, & Mouth was followed by her recent release, Healthy Living Means Living Healthy. She is a front-page featured blogger for the Huffington Post. Her articles have been shared on, and in women’s magazines, news outlets, and government publications, nationally and internationally. She appears on national and local television and radio programs, regularly. Margaret Marshall is a past executive board member for The National Speaker’s Association in New York City.