Rajeev Goyal

Co-founder, KTK-BELT

Rajeev Goyal, a native of Long Island, NY is a lawyer, author and development worker. A Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal from 2001 to 2003, Rajeev was the national director of, a grassroots advocacy campaign that increased the Peace Corps budget by $60 million in 2010, paving the way for more than 1,000 new volunteer positions globally. In 2013, Rajeev helped start "KTK-BELT," a multi-year project that seeks to restore forested belts across Asia in order to revive biodiversity through botanical education and green livelihoods for youth. A graduate of Brown University, Cornell, and NYU Law School he is the recipient of the Franklin H. Williams Prize, the America-Nepal Friendship Society Award, and the Eric Dean Bender Prize. Most recently he was named an "Asia 21 Leader" by the Asia Society. His first book, "The Springs of Namje" (Beacon Press, 2012) won the Paul Cowan Non-Fiction Award. Rajeev lives between Nepal and Singapore with his partner and writes about plants and people across Asia.