Ronnie Musgrove

Former governor of Mississippi and Principal in Company.Politics.

Ronnie Musgrove was Governor of the state of Mississippi from 2000 - 2004. From his insight as chairman of Southern Growth Policy Board and the Southern Region Education Board, Governor Musgrove recognized the importance of building economic capacity through an educated workforce. Always a strong proponent of public education, Governor Musgrove focused his attention while in office on building a solid foundation for economic growth through Mississippi’s public schools. Through his tireless efforts, Mississippi created a comprehensive approach to economic development, which resulted in the location of a Nissan production facility in Canton, MS that brought with it a capital investment of $1.4 billion and 5,300 jobs.

While Governor, Musgrove served on the Southern Regional Education Board (chairman), the Southern States Energy Board (chairman), the Executive Committee of the Southern Governors Association, the Southern Growth Policies Board (chairman), and the Executive Committee of the Democratic Governors' Association and the National Governors' Association.

Governor Musgrove is a Principal in Company.Politics.