Reproductive Justice

Focuses on progressive opinions about abortion and abstinence-only education

Reproductive Justice focuses on progressive opinions about abortion, abstinence-only education, gay rights, stem cell research, HIV/AIDS and other issues of social justice and reproductive rights.

We are putting a face on national policy to expose the hypocrisy of some of our policy makers, both Republicans and Democrats, who too often put their agenda ahead of the nation’s health.

The video stories on this blog are produced by an experienced team of filmmakers at STV Productions which has more than thirty years experience producing long-form documentaries for network television and independent distribution. The company’s president Charles Stuart is the recipient of eight Emmys, two DuPont awards, and various other national awards for producing, investigative reporting and writing.

We are responsible for more than fifty hours of programming for all major networks, both broadcast and cable. Our work includes eight FRONTLINES for PBS, many co-productions with ABC, stories for 60 MINUTES on CBS, and documentaries for Home Box Office, the Discovery Channel, A&E, TLC, Lifetime, AMC, MSNBC, SPIKE TV and National Geographic.

STV Productions recently opened a digital division to produce short documentary-style stories for the internet. Our work appears regularly on major web sites for national news organizations. Leading up to the presidential election of 2008, we produced more than two hours of content contained in two dozen short, documentary-style stories concerning issues of reproductive health. The company’s internet division has been commissioned to continue reporting on reproductive justice for the internet throughout 2009.

These short video stories can become the basis for a full-length documentary for broadcast within the traditional media. Stuart Productions is the producer of Abstinence Comes to Albuquerque and HIV Positive Voices, two awarding-winning documentaries which can be obtained free of charge by emailing

More about our company along with clips from our documentaries can be found at