Stuart Muszynski

President & CEO,

Stuart Muszynski is the President & CEO of Values-in-Action Foundation, a character-building education and training organization. Through school workshops, community events, leadership training and media programs, Values-in-Action empowers teens and adults to build communities of kindness, caring and respect by putting their values-in-action wherever they go. Purple America is a national initiative of Values-in-Action Foundation to re-focus the American conversation to a civil, productive and respectful dialogue around our shared values. To see America's shared values and get involved, go to Stuart and his wife Susan started Values-in-Action (Project Love-Purple America) in 1994 after seeing the link between violence in the media, acts of teenage meanness, and violent acts in high schools and our society. Project Love school programming has since trained 108,000 teens throughout Northeast Ohio and hosts several annual community events honoring business and community members consistently exhibiting Project Love’s core values of kindness, caring and respect.