Ellen DeGeneres

The host gave Kate Austin and Sarah Sulsenti a chance to share their special moment with chosen family.
"It really was a humbling day to marry someone so amazing," the "Queen & Slim" screenwriter said.
Talking to Ellen DeGeneres, the "Big Little Lies" star said she was "really grateful" to West, who wore a T-shirt with her face on it earlier this year.
Talking to Ellen DeGeneres, the actor described how he wrote the script for his new film during a rehab stint after his 2017 arrest.
The talk show host will receive the second-ever Carol Burnett Award at the 2020 ceremony.
On "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the 16-year-old Swedish activist shrugged off the idea of confronting the U.S. president on climate change.
The GOP congressman fired back at executive producer Andy Lassner for calling him a "f**king tool" over his selfie with Trump at the World Series.
The "Morning Show" star praised the host's incredibly "soft lips" before letting it slip that the cast of "Friends" is working "on something."
The Democratic debate candidates were not asked about climate change or immigration. "But you know, Ellen," Julian Castro tweeted.
The actor took a strong stance in the fray over Ellen DeGeneres' friendship with George W. Bush.
"The Good Place" star has changed her stance on the controversy surrounding the talk show host's friendship with former President George W. Bush.
The two beloved actresses are being called “privileged” for defending the talk show host over her controversial George W. Bush photo.
The "Ellen" host had a message for critics after she was criticized for laughing it up with George W. Bush at a Dallas Cowboys game.
On "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the Maroon 5 frontman said he's having the "greatest time" after moving on from NBC's talent competition series.
The talk show host and the former president exchanged laughs at the NFL game with their wives in team owner Jerry Jones' suite.
"Lenny! Lenny! It's so good to see you!" child drummer Justin Wilson II yelled.
The "Old Town Road" rapper told Ellen DeGeneres he was inspired by young fans "who won’t have to go through stuff like this in the future.”
Appearing on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the 23-year-old opened up about being part of the first LGBTQ couple in the American "Bachelor" franchise.