Ellen DeGeneres

Comedians Kevin Hart and David Spade also said their goodbyes ahead of DeGeneres' final talk show episode.
The "Arrested Development" star says she expected the worst when speaking to her grandmother about her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres for the first time.
Ellen DeGeneres is stepping down less than a year after multiple claims that she presided over a toxic work environment, but the host told “Today” that’s not why she is quitting.
"That could've been a different story," the Grammy winner quipped as she touched on her unsuccessful audition in a chat with Ellen DeGeneres.
“He wanted to do something that was really different,“ she said of the "Saturday Night Live" star's new tattoos.
"I’m pulling for him, because he’s a really good guy,” the “Family Feud” host said of Jordan. "But at the same time, I got my eye on him.”
The Duchess of Sussex mewed in cat ears, devoured hot sauce on crackers like a chipmunk and held a huge crystal to her face during the segment.
The Duchess of Sussex said the kids were "not into it — at all."
The Duchess of Sussex told DeGeneres stories about her days as a working actor.
Appearing on "Ellen," the "Succession" star admitted the couple opted to "torture" themselves for more than a month before making a decision.