10 Science Fiction Predictions That Became Reality (VIDEO)

10 Sci-Fi Predictions That Became Reality

Events like Wednesday's announcement of the new iPad have become fairly old-hat in our super tech-savvy society.

Not so long ago, these now ubiquitous technologies were nothing more than far-fetched fantasies. Imagine what people even 75 years ago would have thought of the new iPad, or for that matter the "old" iPad 2, or of something completely intangible yet utterly pervasive like the internet. Well, their minds would have been blown.

Seventy-five years from now much of what we think of as science fiction will probably have become reality.

As speakers at the annual Technology, Entertainment and Design conferences (TED) have shown us, the future would probably blow our minds too. Some possible sci-fi advances that have been discussed at TED include: prosthetic eyes, buildings that build themselves, unnaturally long lives, and deep-space exploration.

Sounds pretty distant, huh? That's probably what the world of the past thought about scuba diving, the compact disc, the moon-landing, and more. Check out the video above to see what other every-day technology used to be considered science-fiction. Which are you most surprised about? Let us know below!

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