20-Second Tetris Sprint Is Mind-Blowingly Good, Baffling To Watch (VIDEO)

WATCH: Most Intense Tetris Game Ever Completed In Under 20 Seconds

In this remarkable video, said to be shot in real-time (!!!), a Tetris whiz clears 40 lines of blocks in under 20 seconds.

Confused by what that even means? Mental Floss' Chris Higgins explains:

This is what's called a Tetris "line race" (also known as a "sprint"), in this case an attempt to clear 40 lines in the minimum possible time. This is the kind of thing top-level Tetris players do when they're bored, and/or want to prove that they are truly the best in the world.

The player here is a Japanese [individual] who goes by "Keroco," and he or she achieved 40 lines in 19.68 seconds. That's the first time that someone has broken the 20-second barrier, and it's astonishing, to say the least.

So astonishing, in fact, that Tetris champion Ben Mullen has called it the "greatest achievement in the history of gaming."

As Keroco's incredible accomplishment -- which has seemingly taken many months of practice to achieve -- goes viral this week, some netizens have taken to Reddit to reflect on the player's staggering skill. But though many have expressed amazement at the gamer's ability, some have casted doubt on the veracity of the achievement.

"I know it's hard to believe it's real-time for someone coming outside the community without hands view or something of the sort, but the fastest players are able to bust out the same speeds in live multiplayer situations," wrote Redditor "Kitaru," who is said to be a Tetris Grand Master, in response to the doubters. "The road to a human sub-20 has been long and winding, but each successive record made it seem like that much more of an inevitability. It's unreal that someone has finally made it."

Thought you were good at Tetris? Watch the video above and have your mind completely blown.

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