23 Products I Don't Understand How You've Lived Your Whole Life Without

These game-changers will make drying your hair, walking your dog, working from home and other everyday tasks easier (and better) than ever.
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Wet & Forget outdoor cleaner, which requires zero scrubbing, rinsing or power washing
Promising review: "I have a brick patio. When I bought this house it was covered, and I mean covered with moss. A good power wash each spring was never enough to stop the moss from returning, and month after month during the summers was a struggle, man vs. plant. I did that for two years, cursing and complaining the whole time. This April I did my spring power wash as usual and immediately treated this patio. It is now going into August and I have not had even a wisp of moss this year — I mean nothing! I would recommend this product without any reservations. When you put it on you may think to yourself that it doesn't look like you really did much. It dries quick and looks the same as it did before, but wow does it do exactly what it says it will do." — PM in NH
A clever two-tier standing desk converter
Read more about how ergonomic workstations can help at Cleveland Clinic.

Promising review: "Just buy it! Been looking at these for months and finally decided to buy one. Super happy with my purchase. I didn’t want to replace my entire work desk so I opted for this. The entire unit slides up and down easily. Plenty of room around the monitor for speakers, pens, notes, even a fan. Easy assembly. Not too heavy. I’ve really enjoyed being able to stand at my desk. I’ve been struggling with lower back pain and standing more seems to be helping. I find myself wanting to stand more often than I thought. Great price. Would highly recommend." — halaly
Or an absolutely genius portable Worky station
It's made by a small business, and you can see it in action in this TikTok!

Promising review: "I've had my Worky for three months now and have loved it. I love that everything is in one place and then I can close it up and work disappears. The compartments are great for tucking away piles of paperwork, the many charging outlets are convenient and the LED lights are helpful on Zoom calls when lighting in the room are not ideal. Everything in one place, simple and convenient. Just the way I like it." — Amy
A trending milky "nail concealer" polish
Promising review: "This stuff seems to be magic. Goes on flawless with no base coat, dries nearly instantly, gorgeous color (two coats), no wear after two days. And I’m a person who can NEVER apply sheers properly." — RZH
A pair of extra-long oven mitts
Promising review: "There is nothing to dislike about these oven mitts. They arrived quickly and I use them every day. I've baked cookies and bread and roasted meat and veggies without a single burn, which is a first for me. These long mitts protect way up on my arms and they are very flexible. No more pans slipping out of my hands because of padded cotton mitts that are too bulky to allow for a good grip. I will never use anything but these mitts, and I'm buying some for my daughter as well!" — Georgia grandma
An Airplane Pocket tray cover that so dang many functions
Check out this product — which is made by a small business — on TikTok.

Promising review: "I used it last week and it was terrific. It fit everything: magazine, iPad, tissues, gum, glasses, phone, earplugs and water bottle. It stretched easily but tightly over the tray and both the flight attendant and my seat mates complimented me on it. I plan to use it every time I fly. It would be perfect for children, too. Highly recommend it." — Sue G.
A Pumpkin Punchers set to carve perfect jack-o'-lantern faces
Promising review: "Decided to order this kit to carve pumpkins with my kids who range in ages from 3–10. These were literally the best invention ever. My fiancé and I did ours first, we just used a rubber mallet and created the coolest-looking pumpkin. We started the piece in the pumpkin for the kids (so we didn't get hit in the fingers with the mallet) and let them hammer the rest of the way. They had a blast and we didn't have to worry about cutting fingers with knives, and they got to be a part of the carving process!! it even came with a design guide so you could create designs from that. My youngest made a cat. And the pieces are dishwasher safe!!" — Brittaney C.
Shop Eddie Lane/Etsy
An incredible Barbie-inspired T-shirt
This New York–based small business is one of my go-tos for super comfy, clever and unique pop culture tees. I legit want to be besties with the seller, who has dreamed up some of my fave JoBros and Taylor Swift merch, too. This is available in unisex sizes S-4XL and in seven colors.

Promising review: "Super soft and exactly as pictured! Owner was quick to answer my questions and super nice. I got it in the pepper color which is that of the main pic. Washed once and didn’t shrink and still looks just as good. Would recommend!" — Gabrielle Lepensky
An epic detangling brush for all hair types, but especially curly styles
Promising review: "I love this brush! My goddaughter and I both have long hair. It's always been so hard to brush our hair. Now it's not with this brush! It's easy on both wet and dry hair. Also I see less hair on the brush compared to when I use my other brushes. This is a must-try, must-keep-forever brush! Give it a try. What do you have to lose? Your hair will thank you for it." — SugarANDSpice
A two-in-one foam and pillow-top mattress topper that's a sleep game-changer
The pillow top layer is machine-washable and helps hold the memory foam layer in place — score!

Promising review (for "plush support" style): "Rarely do I take the time to leave a review. But this case I felt I must. I suffer from back pain, and this new topper is just simply amazing for me. I have not slept so well in a very long time. It’s very comfortable and supportive, and as I said above, I wake up without back pain. First time in years. We have a very firm mattress underneath, did this on purpose. The last topper was OK, this topper is amazing. Highly recommend it." — Sarah Machol
Cerave's hydrating cleanser, a National Eczema Association-certified formula
Promising review: "Obsessed!!!!!! This face wash is sooooo hydrating! Soo comfortable and non irritating on the face. My skin is dry and sensitive and this cleanser is forever a staple for me. My skin doesn't feel tight after use or have that nasty feeling film. And for the price of this value size, I recommend buying off Amazon!" — Kingdm
Shop Pop Pastel/Etsy
OMG-worthy earrings designed to be customized with your amazing enamel pin collection
They're from a Coconut Creek, Florida–based small biz that specializes in acrylic earrings! They're available in four closure options — including options for nonpierced ears — and two lengths.
Exfoliating foot peel booties you just wear for an hour, then await the results
Promising review: "I've worked retail for almost 30 years and it takes a toll on your feet. I recently had a deep crack develop in my heel and it hurt badly. After weeks of pampering my feet, the crack healed. I really needed a pedicure but I was afraid of the salon using the cheese grater thing on my freshly mended heel. I opted for this instead to hopefully shed some of the hardened skin first. IT IS NOTHING SHORT OF A MIRACLE. After one application, my feet are beautiful and smooth! It feels so nice to get rid of all of that old, hard skin. Seriously, just buy this. It's amazing and so easy. Plus, you get two applications. I'm saving the second one and will do that one in a couple of months." — Beth
A surprisingly effective sight word Bingo game to make teaching kids basic words more fun
The set comes with 36 playing cards, 264 playing chips, caller's mat and cards and a storage box.

Promising review: "My 4-year-old granddaughter and I go to the library every weekend. Once she's chosen her books for the week, she loves to 'check out' the games in the children's section. This was one that she wanted to play over and over and over. After the third go-round, I noticed that she was beginning to recognize some of the words on her own. That sold me! The minute I got home I purchased the game so she could play it at home. Every time I go over to her house, we play at least one round of this game, and I can tell her reading skills are increasing. And when we go to the library, she STILL wants to check this game out and play it there! The words on these bingo cards are words that can't be illustrated well — words like 'them,' 'her,' 'go,' 'if' — small, mostly conjunctive words, but essential to reading. This game makes it easy and fun to learn those words. I simply can't praise this game enough." — Molly Harrington
An anti-frizz microfiber towel designed specifically for drying all hair types faster
Promising review: "This was the first time I ordered this product and I am extremely happy. It is going to be on my forever list. If you use hair towels you should try this one, I believe you will be happy with it." — Toni Delia
Plus a Kenra blow-drying spray that can cut hair-drying time in HALF
This formula is safe for color-treated hair and is recommended for medium–coarse hair types. Try this option for fine hair!

Promising review: "Love, love, love!! Has saved me so much time blow-drying my hair. Went from about 7–10 minutes to blow-dry to now about three minutes. Smells great too! Will forever be using this product!" — Mandy
An absolutely stunning rainbow 12-month wall calendar
Promising review: "I received my spectrum wall calendar last week and oh boy it didn't disappoint! Exactly as pictured! It is hard to find a calendar like this, most out there are dull and small. I work in real estate and this is the perfect size to keep everything organized and legible. I have received lots of compliments!" — Tatiana Hall
An expandable DogBuddy pooper scooper
Before each use, just wrap a bag around the scoop to keep everything nice and clean! Check it out on TikTok. The brand, DogBuddy, is a small business specializing in pet products!

Promising review: "I normally don’t leave reviews but this is amazing! It’s easy to use and saves so many dog bags if you’re taking a number of dogs on a walk because you don’t need to open a new bag for each poop. It also makes the whole process a lot less gross.I would 100% recommend this for dog walks and even picking up poop in the backyard.It holds a lot more than you’d think!" — Joslyn Cavitt
Cocokind's vegan matcha-infused moisture stick
Check it out on TikTok. Cocokind is a San Francisco-based, woman-owned small biz.

Promising review: "This is my first time using the MyMatcha stick and I looovvveee it! I have it on me pretty much all the time so I can dab a little bit on my dry spots as I need to. It softens up my dry areas and even decreases the swelling of my acne! I've used it as a moisture stick, an acne anti-inflammatory, and even a fly-away tamer. It's a great multitasking product." — alizza d.
An adjustable bath seat to help babies sit upright
Promising reviews:"Super helpful when giving my grand a bath! It doesn’t feel like a wrestling match and I’m not soaked anymore." — redwingfan25

"OMG, love seeing my grandson in this bath seat! I swear he thinks he can swim! He's able to sit up and play with all his toys. He used to hate his bath because he felt he had no control. This gives him the ability to sit up and enjoy the world. He LOVES his bath now!" — Amazon Customer
Urban Outfitters
A mini potato-dressed-as-a-bunny plush with a removable, microwavable flax seed and lavender heating pad
An Eos shea butter shaving cream that claims to provide all-day moisture
Promising review: "This is a must-buy! I have dry sensitive skin and I love this stuff! It truly leaves your skin hydrated and smooth!!!! Will use this forever!" — Sarah
A hilariously accurate enamel pin
Promising review: "The pin was fantastic and it came in excellent condition!" — Marco

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