26 Things About Abundance to Consider -- From A to Z

Abundance is one of those things that many desire. For some it seems to come naturally and with little effort, and for others it seems completely out of reach. For many it appears within their grasp; however, time and time again they fall short of obtaining it. The lens through one views abundance can impact how one cultivates it or in some cases block it.

Here are 26 things to consider when examining abundance:

1: Awareness

Examine how your past and present thoughts can interfere with abundance. Developing an acute sense of awareness makes one available for abundance. Becoming aware of what affluence and abundance represents for you is important. For some it represents power, freedom, independence control. For others, it underlies their value. Think about your earliest money memory and how it impacts your relationship with currency now. Some things to consider asking yourself: Do you speak the language of wealth? What is your emotional currency?

2: Beliefs

Beliefs about ourselves, others creates the lens through which we view the world. When one sees the world as fair and giving, one will approach situations differently than one who sees the world as fixed and unjust. What do you believe? Is it rooted in truth or fear?

3: Clarity

Put quite simply- clarity is important. We all have blind spots. If one is not clear about a situation or what they desire, chances are that they will not receive the outcome they want. Clarity expands one's vision.

4: Dream

Our dreams reveal our deepest wishes and can shape our future. When we limit our thinking we lose touch with our unbounded potential. Dreams can impact our future. What does success look like for you?

5: Engage

Who we interact with is just as important as what emotions we engage with on a daily basis. Emotions are the muscles that power these conversations we have with others and ourselves.What do you engage in (fear, anxiety, optimism) on a daily basis?

6: Forgiveness

Life is messy and filled with mistakes. If one decides not to forgive it can create an emotional block. Forgiving ourselves and others along the way opens the path to abundance. Forgive yourself so that you can be available for more opportunities. What do you need to forgive in order to move onward?

7: Gratitude

Gratitude is not something that can be outsourced. It is the gateway to discovering our true selves and living a fully prosperous life. Gratitude makes you see what blessings already exist and it ends the searching for more. The feeling one gets from gratitude can't be described in a mathematical calculation because it is unbounded.

8: Humility

Being humble about one's self and circumstances is essential to success. When one is aloof and arrogant it can interrupt the flow of success. Some of the most successful people are the first to admit what they do not know. Humility can be your greatest asset.

9: Imagination

Imagination is what fuels inventors, creative thinkers, writers, such as E.B. White and others. We use our imagination when we read novels, and children use it in their play.

People who can tap into their imagination are often able to use it as an asset because they can see beyond the physical. Walk into any art museum and you will see imagination at play and work. These are the people who are literally thinking "outside of the box."

Sometimes, you will hear an over-achiever describe their accomplishment as just a "daydream". This means the outcome was a result of imagination.

10: Joy

Joy is often under viewed as superficial. It is actually an important part of well-being and when used appropriately can contribute to manifesting success. What brings you joy?

11: Kindness

The Dalai Lama says, "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."

Kindness to ourselves and others matters. Random acts of kindness is one way to practice this. Kindness brings richness.

12: Listen to others and to yourself

Too often people are focused on pitching the next idea, but success is often dependent on the one's ability to engage in deep listening. The only purpose of deep listening is to gain understanding. Even if there is something non-factual being said, there will be time to correct it, but for now, just engage in this practice. The other person recognizes their perception is being heard. This active listening can deepen a relationship and lead to a rewarding future.

13: Mindfulness

Mindfulness can mean a multitude of things. Meditation, yoga, reflective thinking are just some of the components, but this also includes respect of others. Mindfulness means all of your attention is in cultivating the deep relationships with yourself and others. This leads to a rich life.

14: Nurture

What we nurture in our minds, home, work can impact our success. Part of cultivating a healthy life means that we are taking care of ourselves. How you present yourself to others either in writing, in person, or on the phone matters. What do you nurture in yourself?

15: Openness

One's limited view and mindset can constrict one's wealth potential. We often hear the phrase, "Remain open" but what does this really mean and why is it important? Judgments cause our minds to close. We shut down and are no longer able to receive new information.Openness creates opportunities.

16: Passion

Passion is the engine that drives success. One can't teach passion and it can't be delegated.

Warren Buffett explains that passion is the key to success. He said, "Find your passion. I was very, very lucky to find it when I was seven or eight years old..You're luck in life when you find it. And you can't guarantee you'll find it in your first job out. But I always tell college students that come out (to Omaha), 'Take the job you would take if you were independently wealthy. You're going to do well at it."

Without passion, one's goals will quickly bottom out.

17: Quest

The questions we ask ourselves and others can determine what our future will look like. When was the last time, you asked yourself or someone else real thought provoking questions. Successful people are always looking to expand their depth of knowledge.

18: Renew

Working non- stop might be rewarded with a handsome paycheck but it can often lead to burnout and costly mistakes. Taking time away from work doesn't harm performance. It can do just the opposite and improve results. Creating balance is valuable.

19: Surrender

We can't control others or often circumstances. Going with the flow, so to speak, is often admired but challenging to do. Surrender doesn't mean that you give up and failed at something but successful people know when to walk away from an unhealthy situation. Surrender can also mean giving it all to a higher power.

Oprah often tells the story of how badly she wanted a role in the movie, "The Color Purple" and when she was literally singing, "I Surrender All", the call came that she was cast in the move. Letting go can be one of the smartest things one can do.

20: Truth

"Perception is not more important than truth. We seem to have lost our way. Fewer and few of us seem interested in reflecting deeply. Finding truth, thinking for ourselves or even being willing to take time to try." Rod Stryker

Truth is not for the faint of heart. Being honest about your own deficits, situation and past is an essential part of living the prosperous life. Telling yourself half- truths will result in poor performance. Whenever you say, "it is only" then you are beginning to shade the truth. Truth and passion support each other. They are the two hands which facilitate movement towards abundance. Ask yourself these questions: How often are you completely transparent with yourself? What is your Truth? What do you echo? What drives your actions?

21: Unbounded Potential

We all have unlimited potential and accessing it is the key to abundance. Too often people don't reach the next step in their plan because they limit their beliefs/ thoughts. This self-imposed limited framework can be damaging. Recognizing unbounded potential is the foundation to achieve lies within removes the number one obstacle- yourself. Getting out of your own way clears the path towards affluence.

22: Vulnerability

"The harder we press on a violin string, the less we can feel it. The louder we play, the less we hear. If I 'try' to play, I fail; if I race, I trip. The only road to strength is vulnerability." Stephen Nachmanvitch

We are caught in our own view of the world and that brings about mental barriers. We are busy managing our image of inner- strength. We think that person would never help us, so we don't ask. The vision you have for yourself can determine not only how you experience the present moment, but it can also determine your future. Vulnerability is as an opportunity to evolve.

23: Wonder

A child like quality that if it is nourished and cultivated can reap huge rewards. For example, retaining a sense of wonder scientists investigate make discoveries. With wonder, you see new things.

Wonder is part of having a flexible mode of consciousness Wonder is Imagination's best friend. Nourish your sense of wonder with creativity.

24: X- Factor

Each of us has a special "X" factor that makes us extra-ordinary. You may label it as a talent or gift. Honoring it and using it will be your asset. It might be charisma, an uncanny sense of humor, telling stories. Making your X - Factor a commodity is part of growth.

25: Yes

This three- letter Y word is one of the most powerful words in our vocabulary. We teach children very early on how to say "yes" either in sign language, nodding or verbally saying the word. For many children, it is one of the first words they are able to communicate to their caregiver/ parent. However, as adults, we begin to agree and say yes to things that we later regret. We said "yes" to hosting Thanksgiving dinner. We said "yes" to volunteering at school. We said "yes" to an evening seminar. What we agree in our everyday lives impacts our ability to attract affluence, and our growth is diminished. Ask yourself these questions: What are you saying yes to either directly or sub- consciously? Is it more chaos, confusion, dysfunction?

26: Zen
As Seneca said, "Once we have driven away all that excites or affrigthens us, there ensues unbroken tranquility and enduring freedom."

This word, "Zen" is used not defined here in the strict religious/ Buddhist definition, but rather as a state of peacefulness and inner- calm. Each of us strives to attain a "zen like" state and when are able to feel this level of tranquility, true abundance is achieved.

Looking within and opening ourselves to all possibilities is the key to healing unhealthy thinking about ourselves. We are often blocking the way to prosperity.

How have you created abundance in your life? We'd love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Kristin Meekhof is a licensed master's level social worker, speaker, writer, and author of the book, "A Widow's Guide to Healing" (Sourcesbooks, 2015). She is deeply honored to have cover blurbs from her friend Deepak Chopra, MD and Maria Shriver. She also wrote the piece, "The Healing Power of Gratitude" which can be found in the book- "Live Happy: Ten Practices For Choosing Joy" (HarperElixir, 2016). Kristin can be reached via her website.