'Isaac Newton vs. Rube Goldberg:' 2D House's Machine Will Make You Question Which Way Is Up (VIDEO)

The Rube Goldberg machine has been replicated time and time again, but this latest iteration -- dubbed Isaac Newton vs. Rube Goldberg -- takes the classic contraption to new extremes.

Toronto-based commercial cinematography company 2D House added a twist to the concept, challenging the machine to work against gravity.

The chain reaction begins when a ball rolls across a table and hits a lever, switching on a fan. The camera pans from left to right, following the movement of gadgets along the table's surface in typical Rube Goldberg fashion.

But what makes this particular design extraordinary is the change in perspective around the video's 00:30 mark. The camera flips, making the viewer question which way is up. Using magnets, 2D House was able to mask the fact that the machine is actually working against gravity.

The Rube Goldberg machine is not the first 2D House has created, but it is one of the most creative we've seen.

Prepare to have your mind blown.



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