5 eCommerce Startups You Can Learn From

In the language of business, eCommerce can be compared to being one of the best things since sliced bread made it's debut.
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In the language of business, eCommerce can be compared to being one of the best things since sliced bread made it's debut. The U.S. market alone sees a massive increase in the number of businesses that succeed beyond the six month mark, RJMetrics has compiled a concise report of the current eCommerce growth trends.

A few weeks ago, Neil Patel -- CEO at QuickSprout -- published an interesting article on his business website, a documentation of a step-by-step guide on how to optimize your eCommerce websites for search engines; still the number one source of organic traffic, leads and sales.

It got me thinking, about the number of eCommerce startups that have already made it, as well as those startups that have managed to grow without the traditional methods, on top of the number of people who reach out to me on frequent basis, I was able to locate some other interesting startups and their founders to see what their products are all about.

What does it take to run an eCommerce startup?


Catvertiser is a self-serve Facebook ads management and optimization tool with users in over 70 countries across five continents. It helps marketers achieve higher ROI on their Facebook advertising budgets and save tons of time by automating many time-consuming processes.


eCommerce users appreciate such features as:

  • CPA bidding on different types of campaigns such as website traffic generation or fan acquisition.
  • Google Analytics integration that helps track and optimize based real effects such as purchases or leads generated.
  • Hourly campaign statistics that help optimize for best hours generating most effective traffic.

amongst others there's plenty of features that allow for automation, a crucial feature if you want to spend time making great products, rather than single pointedly selling things.


Cirqle is a highly curated product platform for online retailers and consumers, as well as fashion influencers. Expect some stunning visual collections from some of the best product sellers in the World. Cirqle stands out with the concisely tailored list of products that deliver for all types, all beliefs, all your desires. Moreover, Cirqle provides influencers with a platform to monetise their content and retailers with the opportunity to launch campaigns through Cirqle's network of over 3000+ influencers.

In addition, Cirqle recruits social influencers for the marketing campaigns of the world's biggest fashion brands. By integrating their ecommerce and analytics platform into influencers sites, the company's able to track real time ROI of fashion companies marketing spend.


meowbox is the best way to discover exciting toys and treats for your cat. meowbox is the original cat subscription box devoted to cats. You can expect a nicely packed, pretty box full of unique goodies, wrapped up beautifully, and delivered it to your doorstep every month. Cats are cool!

eCommerce features to adapt from meowbox:

  • Each 'meowbox' is personalized by a unique greeting, written by hand.
  • Shipping is always included, save your customers time worrying about extra spending.
  • Create a community that's oriented around your product, rather than marketing goals. (e.g. meowbox is active on social media as a medium of sharing stories, and photos about cats)
  • Quick and easy shopping page gets you from A to Z in less than two minutes.

community aspects are definitely growing in the field of eCommerce, a lot less thinking should go into the ways of marketing yourself everywhere you can, rather -- one should focus on making every new visitor count.

Pure Chat

Pure Chat is a customer support oriented platform that offers excellent service, reliable tools and features for incorporating a live chat feature within your eCommerce websites. Pure Chat lets you talk to dozens of customers at a time, which reduces the amount of time hat your customers need to hold in order to receive a response. You can easily integrate Pure Chat with your favorite website builders.

From an eCommerce point of view:

  • Live website chat reduces costs, and allows to connect with prospects on the fly.
  • Pure Chat, alongside live chat supports, also provides direct email support. Two in one.
  • Research shows that simple feature such as live chat, can help to reduce time spent on support tickets by 40%.

be there when your customer needs you, we all know how quickly our minds can change about products and situations if we don't receive the answers we need in a timely and fashionable manner.


Moltin provides developers with the building blocks needed to build eCommerce websites and mobile applications through a simple API. This includes components like inventory management, carts, checkout and payments for example. If you work on a custom built eCommerce platform, then Moltin is the choice for building truly remarkable eCommerce components to enrich the shopping experience.

Example components that Moltin can produce:

  • Products
  • 50+ Payment Providers
  • Orders
  • Shipping

as well as some technical stuff, like in-built CDN & Image Resizing (for bandwidth and performance), as well as custom data that you wish to incorporate behalf of your own company.

Which are your go-to eCommerce sites for inspiration and insight?

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