5 Mantras For Mindful Mamas

Mantras have the power to disconnect you from the disarray and the chaos and tap you into the beauty and the possibility of the here and now, before judgement and before thinking.
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These days are long, Mamas.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, work-at-home mom, work-out-of-the-home mom, part-time working mom or any kind of mom, our days are long and crazy demanding. The laundry piles up, the kitchen's a mess, the kids fight like maniacs. Its a wildly challenging job, motherhood.

And yet, there's beauty too.

The yin and the yang of parenting. The polarity of life. The dark side and the light side.

When the shit hits the fan, when it all feels like it's coming apart at the seams, something that can offer a sweet dose of clarity and some much-needed perspective are quiet, mindful mantras.

Repeating mantras in challenging moments is a wonderful practice to smooth down some of the parenting wrinkles.

Mantras have the power to disconnect you from the disarray and the chaos and tap you into the beauty and the possibility of the here and now, before judgement and before thinking -- into your calm, peaceful power.

Into your light.

Here are five mindful mantras that I use on a regular basis at home that help pull it all together and leave me feeling empowered and present. Try them out!

1. Notice the good
A simple, wonderful reminder that there is ALWAYS a silver lining, always a sunny side and always a reason to smile. No matter how tough the situation, no matter how frustrated or deflated we feel, there are blessings here, too. Open up your awareness, connect to your heart and uncover those little golden nuggets.

2. I choose love
If you have a particularly spirited and fiery child (ahem), one who constantly challenges you and pushes your buttons, try this little gem out!

Let go altogether of the back and forth, who's right, who's wrong, who gets the last word... dissolve all the anger, the worry and the hurt. Instead, sit with the feeling of LOVE. What does this situation really need? What does this child really need? We already know. Choose love. It instantly grabs us out of our egos and plants us firmly back into our hearts, exactly where we belong. That feels good.

3. Be here now
When isn't this a great one?! Put the iPhone down, set aside the to-do list, leave social media alone, leave EVERYTHING alone for a few perfect moments. Your child is here, now. You are here, now. Give attention and get attention. Give love, get love. It's this moment that counts, not the next one. So calm it down, stop the rushing, feel your feet on the ground, let your spine lengthen and your shoulders soften. Look into the eyes of your child and see yourself looking back. We all want the same things and it's right here, right now. You are right where you need to be, so be here now, beautiful.

4. Gratitude, always

Oh, perspective. Nothing like it to give you a good swift kick in the arse. Instead of the self pity and the sad stories on a challenging day, put this mantra to use and feel the shift. Gratitude is a game changer, to be sure. Fill up with an appreciation for this life, for the gifts and for the giving. For these children. For the hard stuff too, for the opportunities to grow and to learn. Taking a moment to be thankful for it all. Knowing that nothing is lacking; you have everything you need. Gratitude, always.

5. Just breathe

So, so simple and yet still so profound. Inhale deeply, exhale fully. Slowly, evenly, with love and grace. Breathe with intention and presence, for yourself and your family. Make every breath count. For every interaction, for every tantrum, for every conversation and for every moment in between. Breathe. Notice. It heals.

My hope is that these resonate for you in some way and bring a little more light into your life when you need it most.