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5 Simple Steps to Starting a Service-Based Online Business that You're Obsessed With for Under $50 Per Month

I see you. I hear you. I feel that urge inside of you and that voice that screams, " I was not meant to wake up, go to work, pay bills and die." You were born with talent and inspiration in your bones.
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Hey there, dreamer.

I see you. I hear you. I feel that urge inside of you and that voice that screams, " I was not meant to wake up, go to work, pay bills and die."

You were born with talent and inspiration in your bones. You were born with gifts to share with this world, and no matter if you realize or believe me today or years from now, it's inside you. How do I know this?

I speak to women every day, just like YOU. Women and moms who know that they are destined for greatness and they deserve a life of freedom.

YOU deserve a life of happiness and fulfillment and to have a business that you are obsessed with, if that's your path.

You see, I didn't think I was smart enough or good enough to do it at first. I thought I was being selfish investing money in myself to start a business. There was always somewhere else our money needed to go: debt, bills, cars, kids... the list goes on! I didn't know where to start and looking back I didn't know starting a business wasn't as complicated as I was making it. For this exact reason, I want you to know that if you want it bad enough, if you are willing to put in the work and give yourself permission to succeed, the world is your oyster, dreamer.

As my gift to you and a sign that the universe needs you, here's 5 simple steps to starting an online business, and how you can do it for under $50 per month.

1. Get Clear on YOURSELF and your New Business

Here's where you have to do some soul searching and figure out, how are you going to be helping people? What are you really good at that you can teach others about or how to do? For example, if your friends were put on the spot and asked about you, what would they say is your specialty? After you figure out what exactly you are doing, you will also need to get super specific and super clear on who you want to work with so your packages, messaging and brand speaks to that client.

2. Build Your Brand, and that Brand is YOU

When you are selling something service based, YOU are your brand. I would highly recommend getting professional photos taken, but if you can't swing it, then ask a friend to take some professional looking pictures. When you are building your brand, pick out words that you say, colors that you love, things about you that makes you unique and stick to that and be consistent. I like to use the same pictures of myself when I am on social media so people start to recognize my face, which is my brand.

3. Create an Opt-In... Wait, What's That?

If you're new to the online world, an opt-in (also called freebie or lead magnet) is something free that you give people in exchange for their email address. It can be a video training, PDF, checklist, worksheet or whatever you think your potential client would love. But, I would recommend not guessing, ASK people and POLL what people want from you and how they want it because that way you're not wasting time, darling. I use LeadPages (and love it) for my landing page opt-in and I also recommend using this separate from your website. LeadPages is about $25.00 a month if you select the annual plan and you can check them out here through my affilate link:

4. Facebook Groups and Other Free Social Media

Here's where I didn't even need a website when I first started, I started a Facebook Group instead and also had my opt-in using LeadPages. I grew my Facebook group organically to over 1300 women in just months and I became an expert by providing value to my people in the group, which turned into clients. Starting a Facebook group is completely free, and you can also use other Facebook Groups to promote your group to get people inside your own! Also, figure out what other social media platforms you would like to be using. When you start out pick 2 and concentrate your energy and time there.

5. Grow Your E-Mail List, Now.

If you followed step 3 and created an opt-in you now have a way to get people on your email list! YAY! Now, put that email list to work and email your people at least 1 time per week but no more than 3 times per week. You will also want to invest in an email system (basic package) which is about $10.00 a month for Get Response ( or something a little more advanced and $29.00 per month like Convert Kit (

::::GLITTER TOSS:::: you've made it! You are officially an entrepreneur and business owner after taking these 5 simple steps and taking action! If you decided to go with LeadPages and Get Response you have started a business for $35.00 PER MONTH!

Now, hop on over to Facebook and join my Sparklepreneur Tribe and tell me all about your new business and if you have any questions I'm here for you, dreamer!

Sparkles and Love.

Holly Diederich is a Visibility Business Coach and self branded, "Sparklepreneur" who helps sparkly female entrepreneurs get visible to monetize their online presence and leave a trail of glitter wherever they go. She loves to work with powerhouse women who have a dream and a passion and want to turn that into a profitable business, and do it with momentum.

Holly launched her own coaching business and booked her first client in a week and went on to make over $10k in her first 5 weeks without a website. She has grown a community of over 1300 women in months and has checked Huffington Post blogger off her wish list too.

You can grab her FREE PDF here: $10k Formula: 5 Steps to 5 Figures in 5 Weeks

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