5 superpowers moms would want to have

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Thinking about the name of my blog which focuses on all moms being superheroes everyday, I thought about asking some moms if they could have an actual superpower what would they want. Here are the top 5. Feel free to add what you would want your superpower to be.

1. Flying - it is amazing how many moms all want to fly. This was the most popular super power - could it be we are constantly in traffic or could it be that feeling that all we do is carpool and take kids from one activity to another. Or, maybe its just the price of airline tickets!!

2. Being in 2 places at the same time. I'm sure we can all relate to this - having to work but wanting to be with the kids or trying to have some time to relax while still getting through the daily to do list. Sometimes it's something as simple like wanting to watch the news in bed with a cup of coffee but at the same time making sure the kids have breakfast and are getting ready for school.

3. Endless energy. Nothing more needs to be said about this one...

4. Being able to twitch our nose like in "Bewitched" and make anything happen. When one of my friends mentioned this I had a laugh and then agreed that would really be great. I'm thinking we would have to have some sort of guidelines on this one.

5. Super human strength. That would be amazing - but still not 100% sure I really need it.

What was interesting is that some superpowers were never mentioned like being invisible, x-ray vision, super hearing or sight. The main powers moms were looking for was to help them manage their busy days. I wonder if I had to ask some dads the same question what would they say. Definitely an idea for another blog - stay tuned!