7 Ways To Use A Survival Knife In The Outdoors

When going out to explore the natural environment, one of the most important things to bring along with you is a survival knife.
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When going out to explore the natural environment, one of the most important things to bring along with you is a survival knife. Yes, you will need a wide variety of other items, but a trusted knife should always be at the top of your list, because you never know when you'll need one. When you take adventures off the grid, literally anything can happen, and here are seven ways that a survival knife will be helpful for you

1. Firewood
You're probably not carrying an ax with you into the wilderness, and so a knife is your best bet to chop up firewood so you can build a fire to keep you warm and do some cooking. You won't be chopping down any tall trees with your knife, but most survival knives will be sharp enough to cut up branches and logs to give you enough wood to survive.

2. Making Camp
If you have to clear space to make your camp, having a good knife can make the job go much quicker. Your knife will make removing any bushes or shrubs an easy job just in case you don't have enough space to put your tent.

3. Digging
Just like you're not carrying an ax into the woods, you're probably not bringing a shovel either, and so your knife will be your next best option if you need to dig a hole. Digging a hole with your knife isn't ideal, as it could damage your knife or cause it to dull, but if you need to dig a hole, your knife will be more efficient than using your hands.

4. First Aid
A sharp knife can often be helpful in the event you or someone else needs first aid while out in the natural environment. If you know what you're doing, a knife can be useful for removing painful splinters. You can also use the knife to cut up a shirt or anything else you have to act as a makeshift bandage. You'd be surprised how useful a knife can be in first aid situations.

5. Hunting
Obviously, a knife is not your first choice when it comes to hunting, but if you can't use a rifle and you're out of food, the knife may be the best weapon you have to catch your next meal. Even if you're on a hunting trip, a knife can sometimes be useful to finish the job if an animal is clinging to life.

6. Cooking
Whether you're eating an animal or vegetable while out in the wild, a good knife is needed when it's time to cook. Even if you're just eating the fish you catch in a nearby lake, a knife is mandatory while cooking during a camping trip. Of course, if all you have is the can of beans you brought, you'll still need a knife to cut open the can.

7. Self Defense
When you go out into the wild, you never know what to expect, and that includes having to defend yourself against a wild animal that feels threatened. Also, if you've seen a lot of horror movies, you can't discount the chance of coming across a serial killer or drifter who may cause you harm. In either case, you'll be glad that you have a knife to protect yourself from the unexpected.

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